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Merry Christmas !

25 Dec

… this is being said or written so often these days. And often it is just being said. Why are we actually „merry“ at Christmas??? And why do we celebrate these days? How many people do actually remember what this is all about? Of course, Jesus´ birthday. But what does that mean?—
Especially in the western world these days have mutated into some kind of business like so many other things. How often do i hear in Germany (or the USA or Sweden or wherever…) „Oh my God, i still need to buy Christmas gifts.“ Oh God… How many of us have forgotten what this REALLY is about!
… That there used to live a person who spread so much love that we still celebrate his birthday even good 2000 years later. Who had so much energy that he could heal others with it. Who was rooted so deeply in his own truth that some would follow him, who understood him and wanted to hear more from him. And who scared the „powerful“ of this time so much that they killed him. Who understood so clearly that we are not our body that he came back to show this to the world. Those aspects are mostly forgotten nowadays. There is no time left to remember with all the shopping for Christmas presents. The vendors of sweets or special editions of toys and the decorateurs of shopping windows are too busy to optimize „sales plans“ to remind of this message. Because it is „important“ to start already in September to focus on those „business plans“. „Christmas business“- what an irony in this word! And how absurd do some people find all those ideas about „healing“ and „resurrection“. Interesting enough you hear from exactly those people, those who critizise the „story of Jesus“ the words „Merry Christmas“ nevertheless. For sure many of the ones putting the goods into the shopwindows say that they cannot relate to the whole story. Today you do not need to believe in the message to „celebrate the party“. The main thing is to get some days of special holiday and the „Christmas provision“ at job.
The word „love your neighbour“ is mentioned sometimes these days. People are encouraged to donate money. They are aiming towards your „soft spot for children“. And so maybe some money is given to the „charity show“ to then focus on the party again. There is nothing wrong with celebration in genaral. It is a good thing to cherish life. But for what price? And with what attitude? And why only have an open heart and a „soft spot“ on a few days a year? Why not see these days for more than just some special holiday but for what they really are: as a remembering of what REALLY works. Having a positive attitude of love towards EVERY one EVERY day of the year? Of course some will bring up the argument „Well, i have my own problems and am struggeling myself.“. And exactly this is the problem. Because is costs NOTHING to be friendly with each other. The idea of needing money to be happy is just being put in our heads by those who want to make money from us because they think they need money to be happy or safe. Commercials, insurances, cars, clothes… Christmas gifts. But that the world we have created in the western world is not functioning like that any more is obvious now.
Thank God i am surrounded by many people here in India who live „different“ ad that´s why Christmas for me has become anything else but a holiday of gifts: i spend these days with people who live their whole year in a concious way. Whose truth is not about making more money, having more „success“ and buying bigger „presents“- for themselves and for others. The „currency“ here is indeed: an open heart, an open ear and open arms- for everyone. Some may say „Oh my God, how kitschy“!… Yes: Oh God… how wonderful!
Many of the people i meet here are so secure in their truth that they do not care what others say who have not gotten it yet: that life is about other things than what the western world tries to imply to our heads. Who take the „risk“ of working less to gain more feedom. Who express what they understand deep in their hearts- even if they see some heads shaking. And who come here to recharge their batteries because they meet many others here who live the same truth.
And this is nothing new: Alanis Morrissette sings about it beautifully in her song „Utopia“. Especially in India you get along many proves for that truth. Here it is absolutly normal to have „Saints“ and „Healers“. People who have so much love in them that they can infect others with it. Masters and teachers that are followed by others because they feel deep inside that they are hearing the „true truth“. People who dare to express, to practise or simply to live this truth are numerous here: for example there is Patrick in the next village: every day hundrets of people come to see him with their suffering, physical or mental. Without charging money for it, he „treats“ them. The reports of „healings“ are countless. At the moment he is building hospitals and homes for the victims of the desasters in the North. Or Amma: from her ashram in the South she is travelling the world, has embraced MILLIONS of people in the past years and has become famous by doing so. She built many schools, hospitals and houses as well. With donations. And without the help of a big TV channel. She simply is living love. This list could be added to endlesly, with Saints, teachers or Yoga masters who have tought for thousand of years that EVERY ONE of us has the power to heal themselves and others. From physical and emotional deseases. The longer i stay in this kind of environment the more this is turning into my truth as well. And i am meeting many who feel the same: they do not need „classical western doctors“ any more and no „chemical medicine“ that makes lots of money for the pharma industry: they simply do not get ill any more or know different methods or remedies to heal. Or they just apply techniques that keep the body healthy right from the start. Who conciously decide to live a healthy lifestyle that makes REALLY happy. Who do not get stressed by „success pressure“ any more…. who just have decided to lead a free, happy and healthy life. Which is the birth right for EVERY ONE. That ist true luxury.
Thank God there are more and more people who spread the message that this kind of life is our right: authors like Paolo Coelho, Eckart Tolle, Neale Donald Walsh (whose book „New revelations“ i am reading right now which is dealing with exactly those things) or Deepakh Chopra. People who show how this works. This list can be continued endlessly. Artists with open minds who see more in their job than egocentric fame- that is the possibility to inspire others. Scientists who bring physical proves for what the great masters have been saying for thousands of years: that we all consist of the same matter, that everything that exists is made of the same elements, comes from the same source and will go back there. This is the true message, the true reason to have a „merry“ Christmas!
If you have been reading unto here this may be not so absurd for you and your heart is reacting instinctively. That is beautiful. Maybe you decide nevertheless to keep on living a life in egoism and consumption on the surface. That is your free will, but a big waste of time. Cause maybe we all together can make sure that even in the western world The holiday of gifts will return into a holiday of love. Maybe even into the celebration of the fact that we have enough love on EVERY day of the year for us, our neighbour and everyone around. And to give that love away costs absolutely nothing. Just like the one whose birthday we celebrate here showed to us and how so many are already practising today. Maybe you think of that when you say or write the words „merry Christmas“ these days. It does not hurt and can even bring fun- promised!
Wishing you a „Merry Chrsitmas“ full of love, an open heart, an understanding mind and a peaceful character. For 2010 that you will be brave enough to recognize the truth of love and to spread it!
Sun and light from India,



The market

20 Dec

… in Mapusa is a loud, hectic, smelly place. About 45 minutes from my haven by the beach there is no trace of the peace and quiet I have here. Bigger cities in India represent pure chaos. It is hard to imagine how many people on mopeds, in rikshaws or in honking cars fit on a street. It is a constant honking and squeezing in four lanes where you normally could only fit one single lane. So already the way to the market requires a lot of concentration and takes a lot of energy from you. The market itself is even more turbulent: comfortable chilled shopping- not to think of! Every single milimeter is covered with stalls selling EVERYTHING: vegetables, fruit, underwear, kitchen items, lottery tickets, spices, bags, shoes, incense, jewelery, saris, fabric, blankets, fish, meat and at the moment- christmas deco! It glitters, rattles and smells in every tone you can think of. Here you really get an impression of the overflow of impressions on your senses in India! Old ladies sit on the ground offering their harvest, protecting themselves from the sun with umbrellas. On each corner you hear: „Madam, Madam, buy nice Pashmina, good prrrrice, only 300 Rupees!“ … „Madam, Taxi?“… „Madam, want to carrrry bag?“ (That is how young boys offer their services to carry your shoppings). „Madam, eat some apples, oranges, chikoos!“ (Chikoos are very yummy fruits looking like kiwis but tasting a little bit like marzipan, my favourites!).

My first visit here was a shock, ich paid much too expensive prices very often and spent hours to get rid of the vendors and carriers. I think, i spent half my money on shopping and the other half went to the beggars who reach out with their skinny dark hands from everywhere. The old women begging, small children and crippeled men still break my heart. But i try to pull myself together. Because i have learnt much in the past few years: how the women with babies on their arms often „rent“ these babies to then do their „job“ as beggars. The poorest of the poor families make some money with „renting out“ their children. The crippeled men often are put in this state when they are kids to make sure they „make more money“ like that. It is shocking and very hard to not want to take them all home. Every time i am travelling here the feeling gets stronger of wanting to do more, to help more!

Nowadays i do not see the market with tourist eyes any more. And today i am actually on a „business-trip“: i need to buy deco for the resort and want to get cushion covers made for the Yoga shala. The tailors and fabric vendors are located on the little road with shops that frames the market. I do have my regular tailor by now. He does a good job and he is reliable. I have brought a sample and pick the right colour directly. Actually very simple, you would think. But i am in India: … The fabric vendor calls his tailor and the ritual begins: for about 15 minutes there is measuring, moving fabric and discussing going on. To do things easy and direct is just not their piece of cake. As I ask for the price at the end he wildly tipes on his calculator to finally present a number to me. I ask my usual question (that is part of the ritual and that i had to learn first): „Can you give me a discount?“ The obligatory shaking of the head follows, i ignore it professionally. After that he generously says: „Ok, you pay 2300 Rupees. This is my best price.“ Deal done. This is the way how almost every purchase functions here. Except you are a tourist and pay first price all the time.

Those times are over for me. Same with my friend Greta from England who came today to support me. She and her husband (and now their baby boy) have been travelling to India often. After we have done all neccessary things we slow down a little to do some christmas shopping for our beloved ones. At a pashmina stall Greta reveals the bargaining professional in her. Generally one rule counts: the more you buy, the better the price gets. Quantity discount indian style.

The offer on christmas deco seems to get bigger each year. Tinsel and Santa Claus have moved in to the indian market place. And so it is sparkling and shining on every corner. From a tinny sounding speaker they sing „Santa Claus is coooooming to town…“! And slowly some kind of christmas mood starts to bulid up inside me- even at 30 degrees celsius.

The only space on the market that provides a little bit of tranquility and coolness is the flower hall. Here all the numerous flower garlands are made that get used for decorating the temples, doors and deities at home. Inside the hall young girls and older ladies sit on the floor in front of huge baskets filled with blossoms in all shapes and colours. The smell is divine and there is a nice atmosphere. The women that nonstop put flowers on strings and thereby create little pieces of art look very graceful. What a benefaction to take a short break here! We buy a beautifully smelling jasmin garland from an old lady. She puts it into our hair. The price: 10 Rupees, about 20 cents. She must have been working on that for at least half an hour…

Finally we go to a music shop that is not right in the market but a little into the city. I want to buy a „Shruti-box“. An instrument that imitates the humming sound of the tanpura. But this one is modern and electric, you simply plug it in and get the calming background sound for your meditation, your chanting our your yoga lesson. Or simply the „sound of India“ for your home. I buy the last „Shruti-box“ off the shop and am now the proud owner of an original indian instrument!

A successful shopping day it was indeed…. back in the village i cannot wait to unpack my goods. But first i need a deep cleansing. Because a day in Mapusa does not only make you tired but also very dirty! Luckliy the ocean is right in front of the door. And thank God i make it just in time to jump in with the sunset…..

Wishing you a stress free day

and sending you sun from India,



16 Dec

I am here now for a week and it feels like i have never been gone: once a day i teach Yoga. It is nice to get back into that routine. And great to see all those different students from all over the world. And how beautiful to hear things after class like „This is the most relaxed state i have been in a long time.“ That´s the way it should be……

It did not take long for me to get used to the little obstacles in everyday business. Powercuts and interruptions if the internet connection are common here. This simply slows down everything a little. To write a blog is simply not possible every day.

To get things done (like having curtains made, furniture painted etc.) requires some patience as well: getting paint, fabric or simply someone who does the things, often only is possble in the next bigger city. And to get there is a whole-day-task. To just order something or go to the hardware store: WRONG! This does ot exist here. And again: at the end of the day it just takes a little longer. To run a resort this way is not easy…. What a wonderful lesson in patience! And creativity is needed: For example i am trying to get matrasses for the new lounge area in our restaurant. A man walks around, carrying those matrasses on his head and selling them. You need to bump into hin; this can take days. Luckily i passed by him on my Vespa just today. Since he did not know the way to the resort, we decided quick and he jumped on my backseat. And threre i am- on a scooter, a guy balancing matrasses on his head on my back !!! Phew- a balancing act, much more unusual for me than for him i guess!

In between all this i spend my lunch breaks by the beach, look onto huge palm trees from my office and am sitting here, wearing a thin summer dress in the middle of winter. It could be worse….. ; ) And i will not suffer from the cold too much when i get back because i will appreciate even more what tends to get so normal for us: that we can get almost anything we need whenever we want it and that most things function most of the time!

And somehow my two worlds seem to come together: yesterday i had a shooting with Harold, the dutch photographer. We shot the cover for the February issue of the dutch YOGA magazine. They will then also introduce my new campaign for PETA that will be published in Germany very soon. Because in this campaing I will be shown in an exreme Yoga posture. But this is still top secret, so more to come… Now i will check if the internet is working again….

Wishing you an unobstrucetd day

And sending you sun from India,


Sounds like…

14 Dec


I am just coming from a sound session in which Sequoia (a yoga teacher from Canada who seems to have ancestors amongst canadian natives) had brought all of her instruments. I know her from last season and was very much looking forward to it. Have you ever been „played by“ a didgeridoo? This fantastic instrument of the australian natives can, if played right, produce a big-boom-sound. And Sequoia knows how to play her instruments!

Science has proven: a human being consists of 36%- 75% of water, depending on the age. It is also official that sounds can actually put water into movement. And some instruments bring the water in our bodies to move in a special way… Sequoia did it again: today with her didgeridoo, an indian drum, a sitar (that beautiful indian guitar) and sound bowls. The water in me is so quiet now that i find it hard to write ; )

Outside the concert is going on: at night the cicades wake up and start to communicate with each other with their drum organ called tymbal. Some people are getting annoyed by their loud music- for me it is just a sign of being in a warm country. (which is, like everything, a question of point of view: i find it cute, for example, when our dogs here lie down next to me on my mat in yoga lessons. One of my students- more of the nervous type- almost freaked out about it today ; ) Besides that the cicades are, together with the ocean that i hear silently in about 80 meters distance, a very soothing background music to go to sleep with. How much nicer than the traffic in Berlin !!!

A little further another concert takes place: in the village´s school there is a party going on. Thank God the boom of the music is far away enough to just add a very quiet bass tone to my goodnight concert. Luckily the next temple is quite far away as well. In India people like to celebrate- they find many occasions and often go the whole night through. And they like it LOUD! So it doesn´t matter if it is one of the many temple festivals or a school party: if you are living next doors: be prepared for a sleepless night! Myself manages to sleep like a baby though- even if dreams sometimes seem to be as long and real as movies. By theway: here it is not only me who finds it that way…..

Unfortunately there is another, a very sad sound in front of my door: our little black cat is in deep grieve. Last year she had three babies of whom two survived. This year, just a couple of weeks before i got here, she had three kittens again. Chris gave one of them to a friend to prevent us from having a cat-overpopulation. But then the remaining two were found dead. Has it been one of the wild dogs? Nature is much closer here and cruel. It cannot be compared with the well-looked-after pets in our countries. Now Mummy is running around for days and cries and meeoows for her little ones. She does not understand that they will never come back. But she feels the pain of the loss. Last night she spent about half an hour in front of my door- it was heartbreaking! Today i petted her for a long time when she was lying on my veranda. She really made a depressive impression- nothing left from the little lively black bundle that jumps on the trees normally. People stating that animals do not have emotions must be either blind, stupid or completely ignorant! I hope, Mummy will get over her loss soon. Then the night concert in front of my door will be one without a sad taste to it- the merry music of India!

Wishing yous a night with beautiful dreams

And sending you sun from India,



10 Dec

Well, i slept through the first day- like every time i get here. Jet Lag and the pain in my toe struck me down and my body just took about 20 hours of sleep in the past 48 hours. Well done….

Yesterday Chris (the owner of my „second home“, the Ashiyna Yoga Resort here in Goa) invited me to come to Yoga Magic with him, a resort of two friends from England. We went there with Mounique and Harold who are here to write/shoot a report on Yoga in Goa and especially on Ashiyana fort the dutch YOGA magazine. For the two of them the day was a perfect insight into Goas Yoga world. Phil and Julia, who run Yoga Magic, had an important visitor. Babaji was staying with them and I was lucky to experience a Satsang and Darshan with the wellknown indian Guru. (Just as a short explanation for those not familiar with the Yoga language: Satsang means „getting together to experience te truth“ and Darshan is something like a blessing by a guru or master.)

Yoga Magic really deserves its name. An idyllic place about half an hour away from our resort by the beach. The guests here stay in orignal, luxurious tents from Rajastan, there is a beautiful pool and two big Yoga shalas. Little paths wind between the tents and find their way through big palm trees and exotic plants. Each tent has its own coulour which is recognized by the big flags that are moving in the wind in slowmotion- well, magic…..

As we arrive the satsang is in already progress. But still: I feel i am finally fully arriving in India as I look at all the blissful Yogis in their white clothes listening to the words of the guru. The essence of today´s satsang: „It does not matter which country you come from. We all belong to the same big family.“ The big guru: a small skinny man with curly locks that slowly start to turn grey. The story goes that he is more than 120! His eyes: the most awake and friendly ones i have seen in a long time. And him smiling at you makes you feel he understands everything and is full of endless goodness and friendlyness. „You think you need so much.“ he says in broken english. „But this is wrong. You already have everything you need.“  I observe Babaji´s helpers: A boy of about 20 grins at me. Nowhere in the „western world“ you look into such friendly, peaceful and satisfied faces. Grrreat- within half an hour i loose all the stress of the past few months!

After the satsang we chill in Yoga Magic´s restaurant. Phil, the owner, sits with us. He is glowing: “Just now we told our staff that we are giving up Yoga Magic. It is official now. Finally we are moving to Babaji´s ashram.“

And then it just bursts out of him: how he and his wife have built up the place for the past 7 years. It is very successful, they have reached every goal they had. „So the place has served it´s purpose. It is no coincidence that we have been here 7 years, have bulit 7 tents in the 7 colours of the chakras. Time is ready for the next step. When i met Babaji 2 years ago i was wishing for just this and now it is happening. You could offer me a truckload of diamonds but they would turn insignificnat in Babaji´s presence.“

Well, now one could say ´this guy is crazy, giving up a  successful resort to move to some guru´s ashram. Could— but i undesrtand him very well: ashram means „place without sorrows“. And this is what I feel myself every time i stay in an ashram: NO SORROWS!

As if to underline my thoughts Phil then talks about how he worked in the music indutry 15 years back. How his first goal was to hear one of his songs on the radio. He did it but it did not make him happy for a long time. Eventually he heard his songs on all different stations but also this was just a short kick. His next goal: producing a platinum record fort he US market. Hi did it. We are asking „Who was it?“ He goes: „Do you remember a young man named Aaron Carter?“. Of course we do. But same here: no permanent happiness for him. Then he came to India, found the land on which he would build Yoga Magic later, sold everything back home and left his life there. As he summarises „There is just too much greed and insecurity in the business world.“, everybody nods and we all seem to know what he is talking about. And there he sits, saying: „I have reached everything you can dream of: I have had success, money, was honoured, found myself a beautiful wife. I have done the whole chase. And now i found the greatest gift and peace in Babaji.“

I know exactly what he means. Phil must be somewhat at the end of 50. I am curious to see how my life will look then. But I think this is one of the most beautiful ways to get old and to look back onto your life…….

Wishing you a peaceful day

And sending sun from Goa,


obstacles and coincedences and getting exotic…

8 Dec

Right now i am sitting at the airport in Bahrain and diving into the travelling mode. How much i love the feeling of different smells, strange writings and people that look and act different than what my eye is used to!
It´s christmas time also here in Bahrain. I am welcomed by american tunes from hollow sounding speakers …“it iiiiisss christmas tiiiiime“. Sparkling christmas trees with loads of artificial snow frame the entrance to the waiting hall. A huge boat is hanging from the ceiling, decorated with cotton-snow as well. Inside: Santa Claus just like from the CocaCola commercial and his friends Rudolph the rednosed reindeer, a dwarf and a few bears- all of them playing instruments and rocking along the music. Kitsch as kitsch can!

In between all this: sheiks with their long white robes and their heads covered with white linen. And women: covered in black burkas, some of them only revealing their dark eyes through a very small window to the world. As often as i have seen this- it still appears strange to me… so do the shops that offer exactly those clothes. Instead of designer boutiques you find burka shops beteen the food and coffee stalls and the McDonald´s restaurant. Some of them glittery decorated with crystals- even with women that cover up there seems to bet an urge for fashion.

I stroll around, it´s just a small transit area and my connection flight to Goa leaves in an hour. So i quickly shop a pink trolley that is sold at a special offer of 8000 Bahrain Dinar (around 20 euros). My foot starts to hurt again and i do not want to carry my handluggage any more.
Totally not in time i had hurt my foot, just before leaving Berlin for my trip. What seemed to be just a blue toe (that actually happens to me quite often, a little side effect from practising the martial art „Jeet Kune Do“- they say if you learn a martial art you gotta live with small injuries- and usually i am even somewhat proud of black spots on my legs and arms) turned out to be a severe injury on my toe. I needed to get last-minute surgery. And this last minute surgery turned into an infection. So the doctor told me „no swimming in the ocean, no sand or dirt in the wound for at least two weeks. Hallelujah !

But then again life sends messengers across your way- you just need to look close enough….: sitting in the waiting room of my doc´s practise my attention gets drawn to that turkish girl with her hair wrapped up in a huge pink cloth. She speaks super quiet, almost wispers. If it hadn´t been for this I may not even have recognised her. But because she tries not to be heard i pay attention to what she says. She is there with her mother. The unfriendly lady behind the counter wants her to fill out some form with information on insurance etc. The girl keeps asking if the information is important. The lady behind the counter does not get it, first keeps asking the same question and then starts to get annoyed. She really does not seem to enjoy her job, not even to like it. She seems rather pissed off with what she is doing there. Eventually, before it gets too loud and embaressing the girl says „my mother does not understand what we need to fill out, she does not speak any german.“ The counter-woman grumbles: „Well, you can do it for her.“ The girl gets even quieter : „I cannot read or write“. She must be like 14, 15….. she speaks german without any accent, so she must have been growing up in Germany. What are her perspectives?
… So how can i hardly complain or moan about my hurting toe that is bothering me before i go on a winterbreak in India???
Well, we´ll see how it will turn out. I brought loads of bandages and antiseptic cream with me to keep the wound clean. And i trust in my good self-healing powers, the help of yoga and meditation and maybe some salt water to be fine again a.s.a.p. No way I can imagine to not follow my ritual to jump into the ocean as soon as i get to my „home beach“ and spend a day in the water….. well, I guess the lesson I am to learn here is „patience“- one of my hardest ones.
Back on the plane they show a film: „Julie & Julia“ with the wonderful Meryl Streep- one of the best actresses on earth in my eyes! It´s based on the true story of Julie Powell, who gets famous with her Julie/ Julia experiment: she cooks all 524 recipies from the brilliant cook book „Mastering the art of french cooking“ by Julia Child. Both women are passionate about cooking, Julia Child gets famous with her book in the 40ies. And Julie Powell writes a blog about her experiment. This blog gets turned into a book and later on into this film…. what a nice inspiration for me! Both women are married to a loving husband who supportes them in everything they do and encourages them to stick to their dream even in times they find it hard to believe in themselves and others belittle their ambitions. Julie´s blog took about 3 months to get discovered by anyone by the way and about a year to get aknowledged… : ) An absolute must-see with the beautiful message of believing in yourself and not letting obstacles stop you on your path. So I am exited to see how my experiment „Kerstindia“ (Thanxx Alex for that title! ; ) works…..
To be continued……. wishing you an open mind for today,
Kerstin on the way…..
To India!

one last time…

4 Dec

… working in the cold: just 3 more days until i finally head off towards the sun. i have to tell you: i cannot wait !!!

today i had one last day of filming- outside in the cold- and I am clearer than ever: my body is just not made for winter in Germany! had asked me for an interview- they know about my activities for PETA and wanted my statements on animals, Christmas and Yoga. we had lots of fun filming at the kids farm in Berlin, a nice place right in the city where children can get in touch with nature and animals. definately a project worth to be supported since so many big-city-kids have almost no connection to nature and spend their time in shopping malls. here they can hang out with other children, get creative and learn to be responsible for animals. they have meals by the cosy fireplace and a second family. things that obviously are not normal to them at home. it´s sad to see that this is the situation even in a “modern” city like Berlin. but the whole place suggests a feeling of friendship and fun!

Lena, the presenter of, and myself helped out at the farm today and quickly became best friends with the gredy sheep. can you imagine how much energy those little woolen bundles can develop when they smell fresh hay? one of the guys even ran me over when he smelled the pellets we had for them. our camera guy got it all on tape… i think this is gonna be a funny report. of course i´ll let you know when it will be aired… ; ) and HOW nice this thick wool felt- i really got jealous on them sheep, at freezing 2 degrees celsius.

Lena and i then talked about how animals are not christmas gifts and that parents should think twice about what they give their kids as a present. just too many animals end up in shelters afterwards. also we spoke about how christmas does not need to be a meat feast with christmas goose. i managed to cook a delicious 4-course-christmas-dinner for my friends (of whom many are meat eaters still) once- and they all loved it— and did not miss the meat ! just before the sheep were starting to eat us up and my hands were turning into ice cubes we concluded with my outlook to my time in India, how easy it is to live vegtarian there and how healthy my Yoga life in India is. maybe Lena will come and take my Yoga retreat in January….. : )

i am now looking forward to my departure more than ever… still so many things to do. but verrrrry soon i will be posting pictures of sun, beach and coconut palmtrees here.

by the way, HERE you can see the finished episode of

so long, wishing you warm thoughts,


please tell me …..

4 Dec

…. if you want me to blog in german as well…. would be more writing work for me – but i hear that some of you guys cannot follow as good in english. so please give me some feedback and i will try to figure out how to set up an extra page in german…. i am slowly turning into a blogging PRO ; )))


getting prepared …

2 Dec

well…. travelling to India requires a few preparations: Although i never get hysterical about vaccinations, hygienic articles or my personal brand of coffee (once i went on a “weekend trip” to an ashram in south India and ended up travelling the jungle and the mountains for 3 months with just a little sports bag and two pairs of yoga outfits, one bikini and a toothbrush- but that´s a different story) even i need to take certain steps to go to “Mother India” as well. You won´t enter India without visa. Since I travel a lot my passport looks like an interesting international collection of colourful stamps, boarding passes and entry tickets. I like to collect all that stuff and re-enjoy my journeys when I find them… For example like today: it´s ambassy time. You need to bring lots of time coming to the indian embassy and appliying for your visa. Today the little machine giving out your number to wait in line is broken. So there´s a little bit of chaos in the room. Some Germans are queuing up and properly waiting in line. Others are trying to get to the lady behind the counter to ask what to do. Some are trying to get in front of the waiting line causing a bit of a struggle. I sit down and observe the hustle- my first glance of India already here in Berlin. I am relaxing into it and loving it…. Finally an older indian gentleman gets in lead: he grabs a roll of paper and begins to write down numbers. Loudly he announces: “…who still needs number ?”… mumbles: “…when nobody opens mouth nothing will happen…” and keeps giving out the numbers to the waiting crowd. He then tells the lady behind the counter (of course everything veeeerrrry loudly) to call out the numbers to get in control of the chaos. It works. I get number 111. “Miss, you still without number?” 17 more people to go. Enough time to have a little chat with the number-guy: he is not here to get a visa, just needs more pages in his passport. He will be travelling to Mumbai for Christmas. “Where will you be staying, Miss?” “Goa.” “Oh- verrry beautiful. Have you been there before?” Always the same start of a conversation between travellers. “Yes, it´s my homebase in India. I always travel from there.” He asks where exactly I will be staying, gets information about the area: nice and quiet, not as touristy as the south of Goa. “Well, let me take a note, maybe i come and visit.” Number 111. My turn. Visa submitted, new indian friend.

Just after the visa office closes, there is one of the concerts on indian classical music. I stay at the embassy and get another pre-taste of India. An acoustic one. As I lean back listening to tabla, flute, gong and (as a modern western addition) trumpet, i feel ready to leave the western world for my winter break… India- here i come!

Getting it….

1 Dec

…. well, i am figuring out how this works. It is not as difficult as i expected it to …. why did i not start much earlier? Anyways- i will be playing around in the next few days and then take you with me on my journey to India and back to business. So long check out my official site with updates on photos, news, dates, links and videos.

those that are connected with me on facebook know how much I love quotes and inspirations so those will appear frequently here!

for today let´s face … THE TRUTH:


Die Wahrheit muss nicht bewiesen werden. Sie ist wie eine starke Sonne, die sich nicht verstecken kann. Egal wieviele Wände sich vor ihr auftürmen, das Licht der Wahrheit kann durch sie nicht verdeckt werden.


There is no need to prove the truth. Truth is such a sun that it cannot remain hidden. No matter how many walls come in front of it, the light of the truth cannot remain hidden.

nice thing to start with, hum?!

sticking with the truth makes life much easier- at least on the long run. sometimes it´s inconvinient to face or to express the truth but in longer terms it means much more stress to lie and to cover things up. and look at all those people tangled up in a web of lies: how unhappy do they look? how little peace is in their souls? chosing the truth will be most rewarding for yourself. and you can chose that exit in each single situation anew!

wishing you a truthful day,