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The sound of a shell dropping into the water…

28 Feb

…is quite rare here. Last night in the bathtub one of the tiny shells from India dropped into the water from my incense holder.  It made this typical sound: a „splash“ that comes only from shells dropping into the ocean. I know that sound very well from India. And last night this small „splash“ reminded my of all the inspiring sounds there (see entry from Dec. 14, 2009)

All of the sudden i became clear why it is harder for me to write here: the inspiration is missing and there are more distractions. Which explains why there are less smiling peope on the streets here. Traffic noise and grey concrete are not as enlightening as palmtrees and the sound of the ocean.

Just coming back from India i can tell the difference very clearly. And people who spend all their time here without taking brakes in nature sometimes: they really think it is the purpose of life to stress themselves to get „further“ in their carreers, it is important to keep themselves busy with something at any time and it is of any meaning what kind of clothes they wear. Of course it is fun to dress up sometimes. And yes, it´s great to be successful in job and to do creative things. I enjoy all this while i am here. But what about JUST BEING? Just spending some time with friends without having the next appointment in mind? Just chatting about God and the world or simply about NOTHING? Just sit there for a while and watch the sky, the trees or the water? There is no time left for such things. Nobody here takes the time for such things.

Is it because the world is getting faster by the day? Because iPhones are sending mails at any time to any place? We always want to be at reach, deal with the latest apps and work more to be able to afford the newest iPad? Or are people slowly forgetting that life is about something different than „bigger, better, faster, more“? Eventually, when despite to all the „success“ true happiness does not come up and some may ask themselves honestly am I REALLY happy“?, it may become clear that this s not what life is about.

Well, i do switch off my phone (which is NOT an iPhone !) every now and then and just watch the sky or read a book SILENTLY. Very slowly. And i am, even asking myself seriously and answering honestly, really happy. And i am delighted by the sound of a shell dropping back into the water.

Wishing you open ears, an open heart and an open mind for the really important things in life,


PS.: I´ll try to write more often, though, and get my inspiration from elsewhere. One Tipp: the movie „samsara“- great!


social vibe

24 Feb

it´s really easy and some of the stuff is actually fun.
if we trust the people who created it, we can actually give water – the source of life – to the ones who really need it.
it´s easy, it just takes a few of your minutes and some clicks. just coming from a part of the world where it is NOT normal to have fresh water every day and to be able to drink water from the tap, i realize the value of water and cherish the privilige we have. let´s try and give some of this gift to others.
just click on the “social vibe” icon on the left.
thanxx !

Empty faces

20 Feb

So i am back in Germany, back to business.    Just come from recording a new episode for the new season of my show. Waiting hall Munich airport. Two hours to beat until flight time. No earlier flight possible. What to do? reading my magazines and one of my actual books („becoming enlightened“ by Dalai Lama). And watching people: The greatest difference between here and where i just came from: empty faces. Those people who „have everything“ look hollow, long and annoyed faces are looking at each other but not looking at each other. The looks go right through, if they meet there is hardly any interest. Overweight businessmen stare at their expensive cellphones, grown up men play with the latest apps and functions of their hightech toys. People sitting by themselves eating unhealthy food in a rush. The food has been put on their plate by a sad asian woman getting hectic because of the long waiting line in front of the snack bar. The snack bar window exposes bakery that has been sitting there since the morning, meat that looks even more yucky than „fresh“ meat, french fries that do not look very inviting. Why don´t they even GIVE you a healthy alternative? I rather stick with the fruit, not the most satisfying dinner but the only choice here that does not scream: „I shorten your live!“.  I am astonished by the asian woman´s young colleague who actually manages to give me a friendly smile and wishes me a nice evening. You can tell by the faces and physiques of most of the people around me that they live like that most of their time. No healthy or happy looking person catches my eye, not even as i look around searching. What an obvious difference to where i have been until a few days back. I am glad and thankful that i can keep going back there, that i have the sun and positive energy stored in me, that my body can live from the super nourishing food i have been eating for months, that my own kitchen is waiting for me where i can make my own delicious healthy food, that i take enough time to live like that and did not choose to rush through my life like most of these people around me and that i am choosing my surrounding in a way that puts me amongst lots of happy smiles and open eye-heart-contacts. I am clear that I will have to be in such an unfriendly surrounding more often from now on. But I hope and pray for the people waiting here with me that they will come across some source of inspiration at any point and that their eyes and hearts will be open then. i am glad to go home. Again and again. And i am very grateful for not being infected by the energy of the people around me but being steady in my bliss, enjoying the vibe of the fun day i had today and focusing on the positive…….

„I have arrived. I am home. My destination is in each Step.“ (Buddha)

Wishing you eye contact with an open positive person today,


One last time…

8 Feb

… listening to the night music on my terrace.

… spending a day by the beach.

… watching the boys fishing.

… meeting the locals in the village, hearing my name with every second one that I pass.

… being out without shoes.

… driving the scooter without helmet through the sand.

… hearing the ocean to go to sleep.

… sitting outside with almost no clothes on at night.

… bumping into friends by coincidence and spend some hours with them without rushing to an appointment.

… mostly seeing open, laughing, happy people.

… hearing temple singing from afar.

… being surroundet by plamstrees, water, sand and glowing sun.

Until next time here. And that will be coming for sure. Next season! And that´s why i am just a little sad to leave already…. even thogh this season has been „short“ form e, it has been very inspiring and there is a lot to write still:

Thank You India !!!