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BE the change

30 Mar

You have got to BE the change you want to see in the world. (Mahatma Gandhi)


Breathe in and out

24 Mar

Funny, I only find time to write when i am sitting at an airport waiting for a plane at the moment. „Groundhog weekly“: airport Munich, just finished a shoot. But today (almost) everything is different: today the filming went really quick. I made it to catch an earlier plane and do not have to sit at the airport til late in the evening. So, no 16-hrs.-day today. Yessss …. and somehow everyone around me seems to be in a better mood: the business men waiting around me seem to be better off than last time. Must be due to spring really starting outside and the fact that it is not looking gray and cold as you look out the window. Wonderful- spring fever all around! Though the day had started dark: way too little sleep, way too early out of bed, the make up room at the crack of dawn. A ropy start in the shooting day- it´s really arduos when you have to deal with people who hide behind a mask of arrogance and aloofness. Thank God there are some angels in my team: the girls taking care of me and making sure my hair, make up, dresses are fine- and my peace of soul as well if needed. After a great conversation lifting me up and feeding me with positive energy reminding me that other people´s moods do not have to drag me down, the rest of the day went very smoothly. Because sure: behind every stony face lies hidden an insecure soul. I just read that a few days ago. How the point of view can change everything. Not only your own viewpoint but actually the speed of work of a whole crew….

So here i am- in the cab to the airport after a normal-long day of work. And as i am riding the wave of positive vibes, i am lucky to catch the driver from last time: a persian gentleman with exquisite manners and an outstanding taste of music. „With your allowance i play some music.“, he says as we enter the country road between the studio and the airport. And i hear the soundtrack of „Gladiator“. Srike! After prasing his choice and agreeing that this is one of the best movies of all times i lean back and enjoy the ride: the sun is shining, the fields still look winter like but almost shine golden, kids are playing on the fields, horses are grazing outside, we pass farms and gnarly oak trees. Picturesque village life. Uuuuh, how beautiful! Almost kitschy in combination with this music. I watch trees grown over by dosh with no leaves and and know that next time i come here the leaves might be starting to grow. Thus i am having a little insight: that nothing ever has NO life in it. When nature is scant in winter it is just taking a break. And with springtime it exhales deeply to wake up again. I exhale deeply as i let the day pass behind and enjoy the music for the rest of the ride.

And now i am sitting here at the airport, will enter the plane in a minute and be back in Berlin in just an hour. Weekly groundhog….. the circle closes kind of….. inhaling and exhaling of life it is….. Wishing you a beautiful spring break and a healthy view on things,


welcome …

15 Mar

… guys! i see that there are many new subscribers and am happily welcoming you!

at the moment i am not osting new entries too often since i am busy with creating my new websites


for those who have just subscribed, my tip: have fun wth my tales from India in December. you´ll see what you can expect here as soon as i am free again to write more. until then i am very happy about suggestions and comments and what´s been up so far!

also, check out my comment on

wishing you a peaceful week,


friendly neighbours and anti-social blood distributors

12 Mar

Well, this is how close joy and anger can get: on my way out this morning  i meet my new neighbour. The couple who has just moved in came to introduce themselves a few days back, very traditional and nice. Great! My nice neighbour stops again to have a little chat in the staircase. At the end he even asks if he can help me with my fully loadad (with clothes for the wellfare) suitcase. How sweet! There are still gentlemen in this world…

As i get out the door, still feeling refreshed from that nice meeting, i see the same as almost every other day: two cars blocking my driveway. Well, getting my car, honking a few times and normally the wrong-parkers will move their vehicles. Not today. Right, just as i have an important appointment to catch. I call my appointment to explain why i will run late and call the towing service. It can take up to 30 minutes for them to come so i try to get comfy in my car- at 2 degrees. After 15 minutes that feel ike 30, one of the parking sinners comes strolling- totally relaxed- and enters his car with a big label „blood distributor“. He is coming from the practice on the opposite side of the road where he must have been delivering blood- cause thats what blood distributors do. As i ask him if he is aware of blocking other peoples driveways, there is no „excuse me“. He rather yells at me: „Well, complain with this fucker.“ And nods to the other car blocking my gate. He gets in the car and drives off.

I need to pull myself together for a moment to not bump into his bloody blood delivering car. With a few yogi breathing techniques i calm down, and am just glad that i am not living my life as frustrated as him, that i can let go of what happened easily, that i have nice neighbours and that i do not need blood preservation. In case i ever do (God help I don´t!) i pray to not have it delivered by such an idiot!

Wishing you a way to work without any clash with fellow humans and nice neighbours,


enjoy TODAY

9 Mar


(Nelson Mandela)

Wake Up !

7 Mar

Sprriiiing ! Finally! I officially declare winter on my rooftop terrace as over! Just now i swept the winter dirt and found the first signs of LIFE: my hyacints are blossoming! YES!!! The brown scrub that has been invisible under meters of snow has melted to the surface and is now making space for crisp green and fragant white. Pheeeww! Because slowly but surely i was starting to get depressed by the neverending grey-cold-muddy. Despite my India winterbreak.

Another good news: the sun is shining and wakes me up. Which i would like to wish for my fellow humans by the way. Cause i am getting the impression that the life-giving rays of light have not reached every mind yet. As i was wandering thorugh the big furniture shop with the four yellow letters yesterday (i know it is absolutely dumb masochism to do this on a saturday when you could do it on a weekday as well), i met plenty very sleepy exemplars . I find no other explanation than „still-in-wintersleep“ for the lethargy with which some people scuffle through the deco paradise- or i don´t want to! OK, with the men i can still see that they are simpy not in the mood for their wife´s squeeky „Oh-honey-look-how-cute“ and how they just take all this as a martyrdom to safe peace at home  for the weekend. But someone who does not react to even the third friendly, but by now clear „excuse me, may i pass?“ and does not move his rear one millimeter must have some other problem. And the ladies who obviously are here by volontarily but still leave the impression of having just taken an extra portion valium, are just a miracle to me. As i maneuver my cart in slalom through them i want to call out. Wake up!!!“

Even little flower bulbs that have survived months under meters of minus 20 degrees have managed to come back blossoming and smelling and spreading joy. Take them as a good example. From now on there are no more excuses: the sun is shining, spring is coming and everything is good. So- get up, move your butts, practise some Yoga, run through the park and SMILE. It works. I promise. I´ll do it as well. NOW.

Wishing you an awake, beautiful sunday,


TV … mal anders

6 Mar

… leider ist es ja momentan etwas Besonderes, eine Ausnahme, auf die man hinweisen muß, wenn es eine intelligente Sendereihe im TV gibt. Nachdem ich in den letzten Tagen bei Freunden mit Shows konfrontiert wurde, die mich fassungslos gemacht haben, versöhnte mich heute die Nachricht über eine Sonderwoche bei 3sat wieder mit der TV Landschaft. Zumindest für diese eine Woche. Denn leider tummeln sich auf den „großen“ Sendern „Topmodels“ und „Superstars“, die mir einfach nur die Worte rauben. Deswegen werde ich auch keine weiteren Worte über diese groteske Verschwendung an Sendezeit verlieren. Das Gucken-und-drüber-schreiben überlasse ich anderen. Ich konzentriere mich lieber auf positive, gute Neuigkeiten: es gibt auch noch intelligente Formate im deutschen TV. Hier ein Tip für diejenigen, die sich nicht nur berieseln lassen wollen, sondern mithilfe der Glotze ihre grauen Zellen ein wenig anregen:

“Der Sinn des Lebens” 22.-28.03.2020, 3sat

Und noch ein Tip:

“Scobel” Donnerstags, 21 Uhr, 3sat (genau passend, um von der Oberfläche der “Topmodels” auch mal tiefer zu tauchen)

Und noch einer:

X-tra 3″ Sonntags, 22.30 Uhr, NDR

Ich freue mich über Eure Kommentare- Was ist für Euch der Sinn des Lebens?

Viel Spaß beim Gucken mit Sinn !


The countdown has started…

3 Mar

…. just a few more weeks and it will be out !

I am very excited!