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Maximise your life

18 Apr

Can one be happier than happy?

Yes, we can!

I KNOW it and I promise. And it´s actually not that difficult and possible even in the hectic life of a big city. I attended a beautiful concert last night and felt like embracing the world afterwards. High on music! Check out the girl:

One of the shiniest people I have ever met. Infecting everyone in the room to sing and vibrate with her. WOW!

I was beautifully reminded how wealthy I am: having those bright people in my life, being blessed with love and free to experience days like this. Spring mentioned how easy it is to get derailed in life and how helpful it is to share nights like that and remind each other that everything is all right.

And actually it is our own choice HOW good we let our lives be. It´s all about choices. Do I choose to go out and get hammered? Well, chances are big that you feel shitty the next day. Do I tell myself I NEED the big car, expensive house or the latest toy, iPad, handbag? Well, I will have to work a lot to GET those THINGS and will probably not have enough time for friendships, for going deeper into thoughts and spend more time on the surface of life. It´s all right. It´s a choice. But not true happiness. All these things trigger short-term-happiness from the outside. This happiness will be endangered when the THINGS threaten to disappear. Sustainable happiness comes from within and cannot be taken away by ANYTHING!

I chose freedom, did not go out partying last night, shared a blessed evening. And today I still feel like embracing the world, listing to the birds from my terrace and am happier than happy!

Wishing you a superhappy sunday,




12 Apr

hey guys,
so finally we have finished the english version of
please stop by and have fun!
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will be renewed. and as soon as i am done with all my web work i will take more time to write here again….. promised! great pics and stories in line….
have a good week!
OM Shanti,

Happy Easter ! … my gift to yous…

4 Apr

I am glad and thrilled to present my special easter gift to you guys: my latest baby, freshly born and ready to serve you:

I have put lots of love, work and efford in it, giving you information on my Yoga activities like my retreat dates, pictures and inspirations. It may be interesting even for those who are not Yogis (yet) since I have started a database sharing some of my favourite music and books that have inspired myself and hopefully may inspire you in one way or the other. the english version will be online in the next few days….

so enjoy and have a beautiful easter holiday !