Archive | October, 2010

The Wall

31 Oct

The problem of the world are certain walls that people build. Around themselves. There are walls that protect us- the ones of our house for example- but there are walls that keep us apart. Truly meeting each other is only possible without separating walls.

Sometimes you meet someone who has a ton of bricks at hand. You try to show them your light and share your joy but the other person is scared or hurt and one single word is enough for them to start buiding a wall with their bricks. You watch them putting brick upon brick and you cannot stop them from doing so. You reach out to them but their hands are busy with building the wall and they do not take yours. So you sit in wonder in front of that wall growing and you don´t understand what is gong on. You try to sing or dance or tell a lovely story to make them come outside to play and stop them from building the wall. And sometimes, if you´re lucky, they stop the building so you can share the light and music and joy of life. Or you can reach them and they open a door in the wall and let you inside. And then you can slowly convince them that the light shines so much brighter outside the wall and that there is nothing to be afraid of. And then, if you´re lucky, they let you help them to take the bricks down- one by one, slowly and with care. This is when you can start writing new beautiful stories together.

But sometimes the person behind the wall choses to keep the wall up and the door closed. Then you can just sit there and wait and chant a melody to pass some time and see if they change their mind to come out and enjoy life. Maybe you even get angry because they don´t hear you and you start running against the wall to tear it down. (Be sure- this will only leave you bruised and shattered yourself, even if you just try to do good.)

And if all this does not help, if no singing, dancing, talking, raging or sitting quiet makes them leave their self-bulit prison… then you better move on. You then should respect their decision to stay inside the wall. Because it is a waste of time and energy to try to love someone when they really don´t want you to. Then you better keep wandering, enjoy your adventures and embrace the wonders that life offers to you and store them well in your memory. So you can share them with another when you eventually meet someone who has no wall around them and a heart and arms as open as yours.

And maybe, if you´re lucky, this person then likes your stories so much and you like theirs so much that you decide to take the bricks that life had given both of you- to build a house together to make it your home.