Ruminations on the road

It´s wonderful…

… when you realize how EVERYTHING is connected to EVERYTHING. That EVERYTHING matters and at the same time NOTHING is more important than anything else. Does that make sense? ; )

… that you more and more often can have concersations with people who consider certain things on our planet as groresque and do have the guts to express this !

It´s grotesque…

… that despite to obvious reduction of CO2 during the involuntary flight-free-days due to the volcano they do not introduce one voluntary flight-free day per week! The world would work for sure (even better!!!), even if one could not fly on sundays. NO business is as important as fresh air to breathe for our children and ourselves.

… that sealed, unopened bottles with clean drinking water are collected at the „security check“ of airports, the drinking water is tossed out and that you can buy just the same bottles 2 meters further. How difficult can it be to differ drinking water from explosives??? How many people could quench their thirst with this water in areas without drinking water?

… that a plastic-bag-industry sells tons of plastic at the same „security check“ to allow you to take your lipstick on board. Why is lipstick wrapped in a plastic bag more safe than in a handbag without plastic???

Don´t you think?


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